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The name Talitha Cumi is found in the book of Mark 5:38-43 and was given to Nadgee by the Holy Spirit as the foundation on which to build His Talitha Cumi. The bible tells of a powerful story of a young girl who was assumed dead by all who saw her, but because of the very presence of Jesus she was commanded to arise from that place of death, and live! We all have experienced moments in our lives when we seem to be ignored, with no importance, or literally dead according to others, but like His word declares we are not dead! So we must arise! His Talitha Cumi Ministries is dedicated to seeing people arise and fulfill the purpose of God for their lives. As a Christian Ministry, we are not based on religion, but in having a relationship with God. We are committed to seeing souls saved and delivered. This Ministry is passionate about serving the people of God by helping them to discover, understand, and fulfill their purposes and destinies in life. His Talitha Cumi Ministries, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, provides families with Biblical Counseling.

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His Talitha Cumi is passionate about serving the body of Christ through the teaching and the preaching of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to help build and edify the newborn in Christ. We have a passion to serve victims of Domestic Violence and the survivors to find the healing, restoration, hope, and resources they need to go from victims to survivors to the victorious place in Christ where they know that they are now “More Than Conquerors”, with a great purpose that will be fulfilled.

The heart of HTCM goes after the leadership of the churches that is broken and is seeking to be restored by the merciful healing restoring power of God. God’s strong desire concerning His people is to see that we walk in His Perfect Will, receiving the identity that is only found in Jesus Christ. We desire to see the people of God be set free in deed from the bondage that sometimes come from the hidden religion that lurks inside the churches, and so that they could walk free in the purpose God has for them. HTCM believes in the purpose and destiny of others and works towards helping build and edify, life and ministries with those that God has separated and called for such a time as this.

His Talitha Cumi Ministries is an instrument in the Hands of God to show His glory among the nations, by presenting a true relationship with God, not a tradition, religion or obligation with men; but, a covenant, consecrated, and obedient walk with Christ!

His Talitha Cumi Ministries, has been given a good name from the Lord. For us as individuals and Ministry, it is very important that we growth in the character of Christ and His wisdom. Integrity, respect for others, humbleness are essential to us, we are convinced that what we do must be done because of our commitment with God, because we fear the Lord and must importantly for His will to be done. HTCM values others first for their value as a persone and honors every one’s God given gift, we do not show favoritism (Romans 2:11). As individuals and Ministry, we pray for the Lord’s guidance and protection not to mix His purity in us with anything that will compromise who He made us and what He call us to do. We hate what God hates and we love what God loves, and we do this not in our own strength but by God’s Holy Spirit.

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