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I get it. The delivery of family-based immigration legal services is dysfunctional. The client takes the risks. The immigration lawyer not so much, Let’s change that together.

The needs of the client should be the focus of the delivery of immigration legal services, period. No one-size-fit-all approach for immigration advice and legal strategy. Additionally, the focus should not be on the monetary needs of the lawyer. If the lawyer is good her monetary needs will be met.

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Website was created using a platform that will allow the owner/admin to update/maintain website with little to no professional help. The site has a clean basic business approach that relays the intent of there services

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Who you are uniquely differentiates you from the masses.

Practically every fiance/spouse visa immigration lawyer will tell you that they are excellent, experienced and client-focused. I don’t doubt that. And I hope so. I am an excellent, experienced and client-focused K-1, CR-1 fiance/spouse visa immigration lawyer, too! Nothing different here.

The fact that I was successful in college and law school does not differentiate me from other Atlanta, New York or Miami fiance/ spouse visa immigration lawyers. Most practicing lawyers were successful students, too! Nothing different here.

All fiance/spouse visa immigration lawyers had to undergo somewhat similar entrance and exit requirements in order to obtain their degrees and licenses to practice law.
Additionally, we all have to maintain our good standing in the local Bar and in our communities. Many fiance/spouse visa immigration lawyers, including me, willingly do that and so much more. Nothing different here.

Please continue to read about me on and find out what is truly different about me.


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